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Evin O’Riordan created the Kernel Brewery in 2009 after working at the specialist cheesemongers Neal’s Yard Dairy. During a trip to New York, he found that the brewers there had the same dedication to beer that Neal’s Yard Dairy had to cheese.

Kernel beers are easily recognisable by their clean simple labels and straight-forward names. It’s exactly what it says it is. The focus is on using simple methods to make bold, complex flavours. There are a wide variety of beer styles, from IPAs to sours to porters and stouts. Made with a variety of hops - all listed front and centre on the bottle. In 2014 the Kernel bought several Belgian-style foeders and became one of the first in London to restore the practice of ageing in oak tuns. Several Kernel beers are listed over 90 out of 100 on RateBeer.

Some of the Kernel’s former brewers have gone on to start their own breweries using the knowledge the learnt from the Kernel, for example Beavertown brewery.

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  • Kernel Export India Porter 6.1% 500ml
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